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Hi, I'm new!

And I wrote a smal fic to celebrate it!

Title: Chocolate Kisses

Pairing: Thai (of course)

Rating: At the most R

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the boys, they own themselves...

Author: Prussiluskan (with some help from Emma)

Chocolate Kisses

When they walked into the loft on Friday morning, there was a big box of chocolate on the coffee table. There was a moment when the five of them just looked at it, until Jai and Thom darted forward trying to beat the other to it. They grabbed the box at the same time and tried take it from the other.

"Oh for heavens sake, it’s just chocolate!" Carson said, exasperated. "You do know that you can share it with each other!"

Jai looked at Thom and Thom looked at Jai and they nodded and sat down in the love seat together. With the chocolate between them of course.

While they watched the Straight Guy of the week, Thom and Jai would eat chocolate, but sometimes their hands touched and their eyes would go from the screen to each other for a second. When the Straight Guy did something crazy, Jai would try and hide his face behind Thom or in Thom’s lap.

Thom would have none of that, so it often ended with a wrestling match. Their last wrestling match that morning was when as the director said "It’s a wrap everyone! Good job! See you on Monday!" and everyone was about to go home. If asked about it later, neither Jai nor Thom could remember what made them wrestle this last one. They only knew that this time it ended with Thom sitting on Jai and suddenly they were kissing.

While kissing, Thom stretched his arm out towards where he knew the box of chocolate still lay and fumbled around for it. Fortunately it was just within reach and he pulled it towards him. Breaking the kiss, he waited until Jai opened his eyes and focused on him. When Jai finally opened his eyes it was to the sight of Thom putting a piece of chocolate in his mouth and bending down for another kiss, only the chocolate took the kiss to a whole new level.

This time when they broke the kiss, they realised everyone else in the loft was staring at them. As always Carson was the first one to break the silence. "Wow, that was hot! Mind if I join in?" Sheepishly Thom got off Jai and helped him up.

"You know," Ted piped in. "This is something that GENERALLY isn’t what you’re supposed to show your co-workers, at least not while still at work."

"If you’d just invited us over on the other hand…" Carson continued where Ted let off.

"Now, now Carson, be nice." Kyan admonished. "I know you want some action too, but I think you’re scaring Jai far more than is necessary…"

Jai actually just stood and looked at Carson like he was crazy. It was one thing that he was making such comments about the Straight Guy on the show, but about his SEX LIFE? Okay, so they had only kissed twice and it was nowhere sex, but still!

Behind Carson, Kyan and Ted, the crew had realised that the show was over and went home to have sex with their wives/girlfriends/hands.

"Now," Kyan continued, turning to the still panting men in front of him. "Go home, I don’t care to whose apartment, or better yet a hotel, have sex, lots of it. So that when you come back on Monday there won’t be all this sexual tension that might scare off the Straight Guy!"

"In fact," Ted took over. "Why don’t we give you a ride to the hotel? And then we come and pick you up on Monday morning. Hmm, how does that sound?"

With that the three of them dragged the still confused pair out of the loft and down to Ted’s car. They quickly (or as quickly you could in New York anyway) drove to a hotel and told the couple "not to worry, I’ll take care of the dogs!"

"Great Carson, now they’ll REALLY worry."

"What, I can take care of a dog, or three! Ted, tell him!"

Ignoring them Ted said "We’ll see you on Monday, boys. And make sure you really take this opportunity, since this is the only time I’ll pay for a room that I won’t be using. Bye! Carson, Kyan, get into the car! I want to go home!"

Still in chock, Thom and Jai turned around. With the box of chocolate and without realising it, holding hands unconsciously and they walked into the hotel’s hotel reception, where they got a small suite over for the weekend.

When they entered the suit they immediately sat down on the couch in the front room. They wouldn’t look at each other until Jai burst out:
"Look, this is stupid! We were all over each other back at the loft! And now we’re acting like shy virgins!" With that he put his hands on Thom’s head and turned it so he could lean in and kiss him.

It took a couple of seconds for Thom’s brain to register that he was getting kissed by Jai. But then his hands moved to the younger man’s back to press him closer. Deepening the kiss he moved his hands so they were under Jai’s shirt and he could feel all that smooth, silky skin under his fingertips.

Turning slightly so that their bodies were facing each other, he pressed forward, silently telling Jai to lie down on the couch. Thom followed Jai down and then they were in the same position as on [in] the loft, Thom on top of Jai.

Jai’s hands left Thom’s head and started to roam across his broad back instead, enjoying the strong feeling of it. Suddenly he felt Thom pulling off and breaking the kiss. He opened his eyes and saw that Thom was taking of his shirt. Sitting up he decided to do the same thing. And that put his mouth just in the same level as Thom’s nipples.

After he had taken of his own shirt he couldn’t resist playing with them. With one hand he started playing with the right one nipple, at the same time started to suck on the left one. He heard Thom take a sharp breath in and felt hands in his hair, pushing him harder onto the chest. With his other hand, he unbuttoned Thom’s trousers and put the hand inside the boxers and started to stroke him.

"Maybe we should take this to the bedroom!" Thom managed to get out, panting, but moaned disappointedly when Jai took away his hands and mouth. Standing up he grabbed Jai’s hand and pulled him up. He lifted the hand to his mouth and kissed the inside of it, watching how Jai practically melted in front of him. Together they walked into the bedroom, shedding clothes on the way.

When Ted, Carson and Kyan came to pick them up on Monday, Thom and Jai were still lying in bed, sleeping, wrapped in each other. And though they had the comforter on, you could tell they were naked. Beside the bed was an empty box of chocolate.

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