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Somehing VERY short...

So I was in Estonia last week and I had no access to a computer until the last couple of days. So I decided to write something small to keep myself amused...

Pairing: Thai

Raiting: PG-13 - R

Disclaimer: Don't own them, don't know them. Fiction = not real!!

Summary: You'll find out... It's so short I can't give you a summary...

Thom and Jai laid sprawled bonelessly on Jai’s hotel bed . They had just had amazing sex (according to them anyway) and were recovering in each other arms, Jai’s head on top of Thom’s shoulder. They had been in a relationship of some sorts for 3 months now and they had yet to tell anyone.

Suddenly, when they were about to fall asleep, the door busted open and Carson came in already talking.

"Jai? Are you going to the party tomorrow? Of course you are, what… OH MY GOD! My eyes!"

Jai snuggled closer into Thom and asked him, without completely waking up, eyes still closed. "Thom, is it just my imagination, or is Carson in here?"

Thom opened one eye and blearily saw Carson covering his eyes, and Ted and Kyan running into the room to see why Carson had screamed.

"You’re not dreaming, punkin. He’s here and the other two as well."


"Oh indeed!" Carson said. "You couldn’t at least covered yourselves up?"

"No," Jai yawned. "To tired."

Someone, Jai thought it might’ve been Ted, put a blanket over him and Thom and they snuggled closer into each other.

"How long have this been going on?" Kyan asked.

"I’m a bit curious about that as well.." Ted agreed.

"We’re sleeping." Thom said tiredly, he had closed his eye again and his face was in Jai’s hair. "Go away!"

"You know Kyan," Carson stage whispered. "I think they are tired!"

Kyan stage whispered back. "I think you’re right."

Ted couldn’t help but chip in. "Imagine how long they must’ve been going on today for them to be this tired… They’re not even reacting to what we’re saying!"

That was actually not completely true. Thom and Jai had heard everything that was said and with each word, became more and more tense, not knowing where this would lead. Their fears came true when suddenly Kyan, Ted and Carson, at the same time, jumped into bed and started to prod everywhere they could reach with their fingers.

"Oh, all right! Stop it!" Jai said, sitting up, but the three tormentors wouldn’t give. "I said: STOP IT!" he practically yelled at them.

Carson looked over at him and calmly said "We’re not stopping until you two tell us how long you’ve been fucking."

Thom sat up as well, but against the headboard and pulled Jai towards him. They looked at each other and Jai nodded. "We’ve been ‘fucking’, as you Carson, so tactfully put it, for three months now. " Thom said. "But we didn’t start dating until two weeks ago."

"Why the difference between fucking and dating?" Kyan asked.

Jai decided to answer that. "Because at first we were just two friends taking care of out physical needs. Now we’re lovers, taking care of our emotional needs as well."

I didn't even think this was good enough to post, but Emma liked it... *hides behind Emma in case you wouldn't like it*

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